Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Look at the Track Plan

Track plans are tentative and flexible, but they provide an opportunity to see what a train layout will look like before building.

So behold, the not-so-permanent track plan for the Glacier Rail Park:

Glacier Rail Park Design, HO scale
This idea is meant to have a switching layout that can be loaded into my chrysler 300 for transportation.  The trunk measures 42 inches wide by 44 inches deep with about a 14 inch height.  Thus, if all buildings are packed away in boxes, the modules could be stacked without much trouble.  I plan to use 20 inch by 40 inch modules, five of them, and one 10 inch by 40 inch module to represent the park.  This allows for expansion in the future.

In red is the CHS facility, a new, small elevator with a three track yard.  In green represents the structures for the team track, which includes a pit for hopper cars to unload into and a cement platform for box cars.  The blue represents a trans-loading facility from boxcars to truck traffic.  All this, of course, is subject to change and is merely the first draft.


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